TAG Community Living home exterior showing beautiful new home

Press Release: New Community Housing for Individuals with Disabilities

TAG Community Living, Inc. (TAG), the sister agency of The Alpha Group, is partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties on a home build for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This project will be a two-unit three-bedroom duplex located on David Street in Delaware, which is an area Habitat has been building for many years. The vision is each home will house two to three people who choose to share a home. The goal of these new homes is to encourage independence and build financial responsibility, while providing home and community-based services. Liz Owens, Alpha CEO & TAG Executive Director, anticipates this will be the first of many properties and hopes to one day accommodate seniors.

The Alpha Board’s Chair Dr. John Kellogg said “The Alpha Group board members are excited for this new opportunity to expand our services. Secure housing associated with support services is a natural fit for our organization. We are thrilled to see the plan move to implementation.”

Although this property is slightly different for Habitat, Todd Miller, Habitat Executive Director, believe this community partnership of nonprofits is a great opportunity for both organizations. “Our organization is excited to serve as the contractor for this special project” said Phil Eley, Habitat’s Board Chair. “It’s a great opportunity for us to utilize our knowledge and experience in homebuilding to help Alpha Group better meet the needs of the clients they serve in our community.”
TAG Board Chair, Rick Rano said, “As a Delaware community partner, TAG is excited to be a part of assisting the shared housing experience. We look forward to working with fellow community stakeholders in developing more exciting housing opportunities.”

A ground-blessing ceremony for the David Street home is set for April 16 at 10:00 a.m. The ceremony will be hosted by John Kellogg, Rick Rano and John Norris. The official groundbreaking is April 21, 2021. TAG expects the project to be completed in late fall or early winter 2021.

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